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3 Automation Tools To Supercharge Your Marketing 3 Automation Tools To Supercharge Your Marketing

3 Automation Tools To Supercharge Your Marketing

Digital marketing is necessary if you want to find potential clients online. There’s no denying that it could take up plenty of time–time that you could use to focus on providing better products or services.

To make the entire process more efficient, you could start utilising marketing automation tools. There are plenty of marketing automation tools to choose from, each one serving a different purpose.

In this article, we’re going to discuss three digital marketing automation tools along with how each one could help you generate more leads and increase your conversion rate.

Let’s get started.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the utilisation of software to complete marketing-related functions.

For example, you’ve discovered that your newsletter subscribers are mainly from two time zones, and you’d like them to receive emails from you in the morning. You can use a marketing automation tool to send emails to different people on your mailing list at specific times.

Instead of having to sort through your entire mailing list and clicking “send” manually, you can accomplish this task with a few clicks by using the right tool.

You can also use marketing automation tools when running social media marketing campaigns. By using these tools, you can brainstorm more ideas for your campaign or schedule social media posts in one go.

The bottom line is, there is most likely a marketing automation tool that can help you achieve your digital marketing goals whatever they may be.


HubSpot is said to be the “all-in-one marketing software for your team”. It’s a single tool that serves a multitude of functions.

To start with, HubSpot can make managing email marketing campaigns easier. You can use it to create email templates and change the subject line depending on who the recipient is.

HubSpot lets you see whether your campaign is working or not. You can see which subject lines convinced users to read your email, which links they clicked, and so forth. By using the data provided by HubSpot, you can create an even more effective campaign.

It also has a variety of functions that your digital marketing campaign may benefit from. You can use it to create optimised landing pages, create forms, or view dashboards to analyse the results of your marketing campaigns.


Marketo is a marketing automation tool that helps you with each step of the buyer’s journey. It focuses on both lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Lead nurturing is the act of building better relationships with potential clients, gaining their trust and establishing yourself as an authority in your field. You’re essentially showing them all the reasons they should do business with you through your content and how you interact with them.

However, not all leads are suitable for your business which is where lead scoring comes in. You’ll score potential leads to determine their level of interest and how you’ll interact with them moving forward.

For example, you discovered through lead scoring that a potential lead is interested in learning more about your company, but they’re still choosing between you and a competitor. You can then outline the difference between you and your competitors which will help them make a better-informed decision.

Marketo tracks all the information you need for both lead nurturing and lead scoring.


Social media can be an incredible way to reach and interact with potential clients. However, if you don’t use the right tools and schedule your tasks accordingly, it could consume more time than necessary.

You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts for the day, week, or even the entire month. Instead of continuously attempting to stay on top of your social media posting schedule, you can give yourself enough time to create content that resonates with your target audience. You can then post during the hours that will reach the majority of your target audience, resulting in better engagement.

Hootsuite also lets you see which posts generated the most engagement. You can see right away what type of content or posting schedule would yield better results.


Marketing your business online requires plenty of time and effort. You can start using marketing automation tools to save time, allowing you to focus on other equally important priorities.

There are plenty of tools to choose from online. Hubspot can make your email marketing campaigns more efficient. Marketo can help you build better relationships with leads, guiding you through each step of the buyer’s journey. Hootsuite streamlines your social media marketing process.

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