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3 Digital Marketing Automation Tools 3 Digital Marketing Automation Tools

3 Digital Marketing Automation Tools

Successful digital marketing in 2020 is no easy feat. You need to stay on top of SEO trends and algorithm changes, manage social media accounts, run pay-per-click ads, send emails, and so much more.

On top of everything, you need to determine if all these different tasks are truly bringing in leads.

Doing everything manually would not only be a mistake. It could also cost you precious time and resources.

This is where digital marketing automation tools come in. Used properly, they can revolutionise your current digital marketing workflow, saving you time and tracking results more accurately.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss three top automation tools and how you can incorporate them into your existing digital marketing strategies.

How to Choose an Automation Tool

There are hundreds of automation tools available online. Some are all-in-one tools while others focus on email marketing or social media marketing.

With these choices available to you, how do you even choose which tools to use?

Begin by asking yourself these two questions.

Which platform have you found success in?

Investing in a popular all-in-one automation tool may sound tempting, but do you really need it? Will you be able to utilise all its features and make paying for it worthwhile? If the answer is no, you may want to start with a simpler automation tool that’s focused on one platform.

For example, you don’t have a huge social media presence, but you generate plenty of leads from your weekly newsletter. Instead of getting an all-in-one tool, you may want to invest in an email marketing tool instead.

This could help you garner more success through a platform that’s already been tested and proven. You can even start tracking your progress better.

Do you already have a well-planned marketing strategy?

An automation tool that does the most of the work for you may sound like a dream come true, but your entire digital marketing strategy shouldn’t revolve around it. If your digital marketing strategy were a wheel, tools should be the spokes that help turn smoothly.

Before getting any kind of automation tool, you should create a digital marketing strategy first. Determine which platforms you’ll focus on. Set goals and deadlines, and create action plans to meet them.

Once these steps have been accomplished, you can look at the plethora of tools available to you and decide which one could best help you.


Marketo is one of the most powerful all-in-one marketing automation tools currently available. It can automate social media marketing, email marketing, lead management, account-based marketing, mobile marketing and so much more. Recently acquired by Adobe, this tool aims to help you connect with potential customers on every platform imaginable.

If you’re interested, you can watch several demos on their official website. They have different videos for each marketing channel, so you can easily visualise how it can be integrated into your existing digital marketing campaign. is an automation tool that helps you keep in touch with potential clients through every buying stage. According to their website, it can help “send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS to lower churn, create stronger relationships, and drive subscriptions.”

For example, a client visits your website and becomes interested in your products. However, they’re not fully convinced yet and move on to the next thing on their to-do list. gives you the chance to continue connecting with them even after they leave your website. You can send them notifications through browser notifications or email. These communications can be personalised depending on the potential client’s location, preferences, and last viewed products.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is a free digital marketing automation tool that performs several functions. You can create several recipes so that one action can trigger another, allowing you to customise it for your own purposes.

For example, whenever you post a photo on Instagram, you can use an IFTTT recipe that automatically posts the photo on your Twitter account.

Another recipe allows you to track brand mentions online. Once you set up, you’ll get an email every time someone mentions your brand on social media or in a blog post. This is a great way to measure consumer engagement and to see what people are saying about you.

One recipe automatically backs up your WordPress blog posts, so you don’t run the risk of losing valuable information. You have the option to save your blog posts on Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or One Note.

There are only three of IFTTT’s incredible recipes. Create an account, and see what else you might be able to use.


If you want to improve your digital marketing strategy without spending more time, automation tools are the way to go. You only have to set them up once, and they can do tasks you’d normally have to do yourself.

There are plenty of automation tools available online. You’ll surely find something that fits your needs and budget.

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