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5 Advanced SEO Techniques For Better Ranking In 2018 and Beyond 5 Advanced SEO Techniques For Better Ranking In 2018 and Beyond

5 Advanced SEO Techniques For Better Ranking In 2018 and Beyond

In today’s highly competitive business era, the right search engine optimisation techniques play a  vital role in the success of any business. SEO will help establish your website rankings, increase your traffic, and improve conversion rates. Optimising your website for natural search will help drive considerable traffic to your website, and this will increase your bottom line significantly.

You may not know it but SEO techniques are evolving almost every day. There are strategies used in web designing and those for when creating content. What worked for you last year may not work as well this year, therefore you need to stay on top of the trend in order to remain visible to your target audience and have your website perform optimally. The main purpose of SEO optimisation is to enhance your website’s content and structure so that it enjoys high ranking on SERP for relevant search, this will help your business grow and improve sales considerably.

To help you better position your business on the internet, here are a few advanced SEO techniques you need to consider adopting.


Optimise for speed

Websites have become a very important medium for getting information, doing research, and carrying out transactions in the shortest time possible. Visitors and customers want a website that can give them the information they need as fast as possible. When it comes to website load speed, the rule is: the less time spent on a search session, the better. If your website loading speed is just average, then you may lose some of your customers to a faster competitor. Studies have shown that page load speed is one of the top reasons for page abandonment. If your website takes more than a few seconds to provide the information visitors need, they will likely leave, causing your website to have high bounce rates. Besides, search engine giant Google is very particular when it comes to page load speed. A fast website enhances user experience, so if your website is not fast enough, you can expect to be penalised by Google. This means lower page rank.

“There are different reasons why your website can be slow,” suggests Brenden Wilde, Brand manager of Azure NZ. “Your first line of action should be to analyse your current speed using any of the tools on the internet such as Google Page Insights, after which you need to check everything from your website’s theme, plugin and content, to your hosting provider”, Wilde added.


Internal linking

Internal linking helps give your website better structure. It simply involves linking to other content on your website. You may have come across a blog post with links encouraging you to read another post on the same website. This ensures that all relevant posts on the website enjoy good visibility. Internal linking is especially useful for ecommerce websites as it encourages customers to explore other products than just the ones they are interested in. Apart from ensuring that different content on your website is visible, internal linking helps keep your bounce rate low as visitors will spend more time on your website going from one piece of interesting content to another. it is important though, that you get this process right. “Nofollow” attributes discourage search engines from getting to the content you are linking to, so ensure that you use”dofollow” on the relevant pages and keep your old content ranking.


Video Content

Keyword research, targeted tops and link juice are all good and fine, but with the ever evolving audience, decreasing attention span and access to better technology, diversification is necessary. Sometimes, you need to go outside the written word and take advantage of multimedia. This is where video comes in. When you accompany your written content with high quality video, you make it stand out. People are less likely to forget a video they saw than they would something they read.

One study showed that out of the 80% of people who remembered watching a video in a month, 48% recalled taking an action as a result of the video. This shows the importance of creating video content for your website.

A well prepared video lends credibility to your content, and showcases you as an authority in the topic you are talking about. Moreover, people are no longer interested in reading long write-ups and an engaging video will keep them engaged for longer.

An added advantage of using video content is that a well prepared video with proper description will earn you traffic from video sharing websites like YouTube. As long as you include proper keywords in your videos, they will appear in results for relevant search for video content.


Build quality backlinks

Despite the constant updates in search algorithms, link building remains constant as a proven SEO technique. According to Google’s latest algorithm, building quality and relevant backlinks is considered to be a very effective method for building page ranking.

A link back from an authority website is worth a great deal. It enhances the credibility of your website and places you as an authority in your specific niche. Imagine getting a backlink from a quality website like The New York Times, it would bring you a tremendous increase in your website’s traffic, as visitors believe that The New York Times would only endorse credible content. However, the more related the original content and the backlink content are, the more useful the backlinks will be overall.

Before creating backlinks, take some time to understand the search pattern of your target users. When you understand how users search and respond to content, you will be able to generate better links with relevant keywords.  However, make sure that you build backlinks according to the accepted pattern of the Google search algorithm. Using black-hat techniques to build backlinks will only earn you a penalty from Google.



Local SEO

As long as your business has a physical location where customers can reach you, then you need to pay attention to local SEO. Local SEO is important for businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, repair shops, and so on. Local SEO helps your business rank well for local searches. For instance, if you have a moving van company in Liverpool, using the proper local SEO techniques will mean your website ranks high in search for moving companies in Liverpool. There are several different ways you can implement local SEO for your business, such as staking a Google My Business Listing.



As earlier pointed out, SEO is vital for the success of your website, and your business. There are website owners who have a good grasp of SEO and know how to properly implement it with their website. If you’re not one of those, get a professional to handle it for you. Give us a call on (02) 8211 0668 to see how we can help or email us at [email protected].

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