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5 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins 5 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

5 Best Lead Generation WordPress Plugins

Lead generation is the process of attracting interest and making sales using nothing more than a website. 

A lead generator focuses on factors such as traffic, conversion rates, and sales to figure out the right combination of marketing efforts to stand out in the digital market. The objective of all lead generators is to sell something so they can make money. 

WordPress plugins play a vital role in this process. These plugins can be used to add features to your site but also provide content that could boost your lead generation efforts.


OptinMonster is a fantastic list building WordPress plugin. It can be used to grow your email list by creating attractive opt-in forms that you place on your website. 

Aside from that, OptinMonster is incredibly user-friendly. It offers the possibility of choosing from a variety of step-by-step templates. This means you don’t have to spend time worrying about creating your landing page or lead generation campaign. 

Instead, it allows you to really focus on getting new clients and subscribers by giving you a steady stream of interested customers and allowing you to build a relationship with them over time.

OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent Technology could also be helpful for eCommerce websites. It’s a feature that attempts to capture shoppers at the “moment of truth”–the exact moment they try to leave your site without buying anything.

The Exit-Intent Popup will pop up when a visitor is starting to leave your website. It will persuade them to come back by offering something of value, like a discount coupon for their next purchase or a free shipping offer. Whatever you decide on, know that with Exit-Intent Popups you can increase your conversions.


Modern digital campaigns are all about lead generation. You have to collect as many leads as you can if you want to achieve your sales goals or nurture them into customers over time.

LeadPages is one of the best WordPress plugins that makes it super simple and quick for you and your team to create landing pages.

The plugin’s drag and drop builder will help you fill your website with the optimal content. And you don’t have to change a single line of code, because it’s entirely drag and drop. The one-click publishing feature will improve your productivity and content marketing efforts.


LiveChat is one of the best tools for increasing conversion rates. By adding live chat support to your website, you can increase the number of enquiries and sales. It allows you to communicate with visitors in real-time and allows you to capture more leads.

Chatbots are available 24/7 to interact with sales prospects. They can answer queries about a brand, products, services and other details which potential customers might ask. 

Chatbots also identify qualified leads by asking users a number of questions which cannot be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. These are called qualification or lead generation questions.

Thrive Leads

With a user-friendly interface, Thrive Leads provides marketers with the precise tools needed to craft the most appealing opt-in forms. 

It allows users to personalise their opt-in forms by setting a targeted colour scheme and background image. On top of that, it converts leads into customers by allowing marketers to choose fields that match their campaign goals. All of these features are wrapped up in an easy drag-and-drop editor.

Thrive Leads helps you analyse your opt-in forms in a couple of minutes. You’ll always know which of your opt-in form variants convert best and get a more in-depth insight into how people are interacting with them.


Bloom is a great tool for anyone looking to increase their conversion rate. Their entire mission is to encourage you to get more website visitors and create loyal followers, which is exactly what you should be striving for. 

It’s essentially a WordPress plugin that lets you easily build web forms and add them as a widget to your website.

You can use Bloom to create and customise your forms, target the right audience, use smart bar to redirect users to fill out the forms, show different offers based on location targeting, and track conversions.


WordPress is a versatile platform for lead generation. In fact, many see it as one of the best ways to generate prospects and leads. Several plugins that allow you to create forms on your WordPress site and embed those forms almost anywhere you want. This helps drive traffic to your website with the goal of converting it into leads. If you ask any marketer, generating leads should be a major goal for any business.

For help with selecting and customising the right lead generation plugin, call us on 02 8211 0668, email us at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form. Our WordPress developers in Sydney would be glad to help.

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