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6 Reasons for Conversion Optimisation 6 Reasons for Conversion Optimisation

6 Reasons for Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation is all about improving the performance of your website, so that you can increase your ROI (Return on Investment). Essentially, what you need to do is to convert passive browsers into paying customers or subscribers. Your aim is to give them all the information they are looking for when they arrive on your site, in such a way that they heed your call to action and purchase or subscribe etc.

You don’t have a lot of time to engage your visitors, in fact the attention span is only 8 seconds for an average human being – 1 second less than the average goldfish! This means you have only 8 seconds to catch their attention, before visitors exit your website (you get one more second with goldfish).

It might seem like hard work and yes it does take skilled knowledge to increase conversions, but there are some really worthwhile reasons to invest your time in conversion optimisation:

  1. Free customers: It sounds obvious, but did you know that optimising your website for conversions is a great way for you to increase the number of paying customers without spending any more advertising money? Increasing your conversion rate, generates more sales without having to spend more money on traffic. There are techniques that you can put in place today, that will help increase conversions and don’t cost you a single dollar.
  2. Competitive edge: You don’t have to be 10 times better than your competition, you just have to achieve a higher profit-per-visitor. An increase in just a few percentage points can make all the difference in your profits, so outdoing the competition doesn’t have to involve expensive marketing campaigns, it can simply involve staying one step ahead of them and converting slightly more visitors.
  3. Increased profits: I am sure that you appreciate that profits are highly sensitive to conversion rates; the greater the conversions, the greater your profits. However, this is not a 1:1 ratio, which means that increasing conversion rates by a factor of one, does not simply increase profits by a factor of one. Profits increase at a much higher rate for each increase in conversions, which a great return on your investment. One of the reasons for this increase in profits is because it didn’t cost you any more money for the extra sales.
  4. Establishes your authority: Increasing your conversions, increases your profits and gives you more money to spend on advertising and gaining even more customers. The greater the number of customers, the more well liked your business, and the more established and the more authoritative your brand is seen to be by the community. This is an easy and well known way to outdo the competition – become more popular than them.
  5. First out the gate: It is always good to be at the front of the herd, rather than lagging behind. The thing is that sooner or later your competitors will realise that optimising for conversions will help them outdo their competition, leaving you swinging in the breeze. So make sure you are the leader of the pack, optimise your website for conversions first and leave everyone else in your dust.
  6. Less reliance on search engines: As your business grows and you can afford to advertise more, you rely less and less on traffic from Google and other search engines. Which means that you are less dependent on algorithm updates, which can drop your rankings. So in essence, optimising your website can make you less dependent of the search engines.

If you want to know more or get help with conversion optimisation for your website, call us on 02 8211 0668, email us at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form.

Michael Lam

Co-founder of Cornerstone and web junkie, Michael knows just how to diagnose your online problems and remedy the issue. An online enthusiast who believes in technology as an enabler of growth, Michael worries about all the details so you don't have to.

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