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How to Get Blog Ideas from Amazon Book Reviews How to Get Blog Ideas from Amazon Book Reviews

How to Get Blog Ideas from Amazon Book Reviews

If you write blog posts about a specific topic on a regular basis, you could quickly run out of ideas. You might start to feel like you’re writing about the same things over and over. Coming up with a new perspective could also be difficult, especially since it feels like everyone’s already thought of and published everything online.

So, where exactly do you find that much-needed boost of inspiration?

You might be surprised to learn that Amazon reviews are a goldmine of potential blog post ideas. They tell you what your target audience is looking for and how it should be presented.

You no longer have to struggle to think of ideas, because you’ll have a finger on the pulse of your industry. You’ll know exactly what your target audience is longer.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to find blog posts ideas from Amazon book reviews. You’ll learn how these reviews can help you through each step of the blog post writing process.

Let’s get started.

Search for nonfiction books about your industry.

Start by searching for nonfiction books about your niche on Amazon. You might want to look at the bestselling nonfiction books they’ll most likely have the most reviews. For example, if you own a graphic design firm, you might want to search for books about graphic design.

Once you’ve found a list of books, read the reviews for at least five of them and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why did people like about the book?
  • What did they dislike about it?
  • What topics does the book cover?
  • What did it fail to discuss?

The answers to the above questions can already give you plenty of blog post ideas.

Check the Read Reviews That Mention section.

Let’s say you own a graphic design firm, and you’d like to write blog posts that could bring in potential clients. However, graphic design is such a vast topic. You’re quite unsure where to even start or what potential clients would be interested in.

You enter “graphic design” in Amazon’s search bar and hit enter. The top results include Graphic Design: The New Basics by Ellen Lupton and Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design by David Dabner and Sandra Stewart.

You open the product page for Graphic Design: The New Basic and scroll down. Under a section called Read Reviews That Mention, Amazon shows the most used phrases in reviews for a book.

You can see right away what people are saying about the book. It is a great place to start looking for blog and keyword ideas.

For Graphic Design: The New Basics, the most used phrases include “basics”, “examples”, “introduction”, “concepts”, “guide”, and “instruction”. From these phrases, you could come up with the following blog post ideas:

  • Graphics Design Basics Every Business Owner Should Know
  • Your Guide to Graphic Design for Marketing Your Business
  • 20 Examples of Websites with Excellent Graphic Design

You can come up with more blog posts depending on your niche and target audience. You may want to include the most used phrases in your blog post title since they’re most likely what users are also searching for.

You can generate several ideas from looking at this section alone. We’ll come up with more once we start reading the actual reviews.

Analyse reviews.

By reading reviews, you’ll learn a lot about what users want. If reviewers mention that they liked reading about a certain section, that’s most likely that topic they want to learn more about it.

Read the negative reviews as well. They might prove more valuable than positive reviews.

Let’s look at the top review for Graphic Design: The Basics. The users started that the book is the “perfect foundation” for a graphic design beginner. They liked that the book discussed the subject through written and visual means. This could mean that most users would like it better if you use more images and screenshots in your blog posts.

The user also stated that they liked that the book discussed typography, colours, hierarchy and more. You could create a series covering each topic in depth.

Another review stated that the book helped them learn about graphic design jargon. You could create another blog post discussing common graphic design terms.

As you read more reviews, you’ll learn which topics people are interested in. They’ll also comment on how the book discussed the said topics which should give you more ideas about the tone and imagery you should use for your blog posts.


Whatever your niche is, you’ll surely find a nonfiction book about it on Amazon. Carefully analyse the reviews, and patterns will begin to emerge. These patterns could help you generate blog post ideas that you could use for months or even years.

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