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How to Successfully Relaunch Your Website How to Successfully Relaunch Your Website

How to Successfully Relaunch Your Website

You’ve got a great product, and people love what you do. But what if you’re not getting the results you need? 

If that’s the case, it’s likely time for you to relaunch your website. A relaunch is when you take an existing website and update it with new content, a new design, and other changes you need to make to bring traffic back to your website.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various points you need to keep in mind to successfully relaunch your website.

Let’s get started.

Identify your main calls-to-action.

When you relaunch your website, be it in an attempt to attract more web traffic or to generate more leads, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have time to start from scratch. 

Take a look at your website and identify your main calls-to-action. Do you want visitors to register for your newsletter? Do you want them to give you their email address? 

Once you’ve identified your main calls-to-action, it’s time to ensure they stand out from the rest of the content on your webpages. 

For example, you may want users to send you inquiries through your contact page after they look at your service page. 

If that’s the case, you can add a button that says “Talk to us today” or something similar above the fold. The button needs to be in an eye-catching colour that doesn’t clash with your website’s overall design but attracts attention nonetheless.

Improve your page speed.

Page speed is a web performance metric used to measure how quickly a website responds to commands input by the user. 

When a page takes time to load, people start leaving the page in search of something faster. If they leave your website without even interacting with your content, you’ll lose the opportunity to convert them from first-time visitors into loyal customers.

That’s one of the most important reasons why businesses have started working on increasing their page speed.

Google also considers page speed a major ranking factor. The search engine measures the speed of your website using its own Page Speed Insights tool. If a web page is too slow, it’s more likely to have a negative impact on the website’s rankings in mobile and desktop search results.

In a nutshell, improving your website could have a significant impact on your keyword rankings as well as your conversion rate.

Set up redirects.

Redirects are a powerful tool that allow us to control the movement of traffic from one page on our site to another. If you have recently changed your CMS system or have even moved your site to a new domain, then you’ll likely have pages that don’t exist anymore. 

If you don’t set up redirects, then you’re converting potential traffic into frustrated visitors who are going to leave your site very quickly—or in worst case scenarios—think of your company negatively because they can’t reach the information they’re looking for.

Failing to set up redirects could also have a significant impact on your keyword rankings.

Link equity is a term that indicates the value of incoming links to your website. If a web page has many pages and posts linking to it, that site has a large amount of link equity. A web page can pass on link equity by linking to another web page.

It would be a shame if a web page loses its link equity and drops in keyword rankings simply because its URL changed. By setting up redirects from old URLs to new URLs, you’re ensuring that none of your web pages lose their link equity. 

You can easily set up 301 redirects without coding knowledge by installing a WordPress plugin called Redirection.

View your website on different browsers.

People access the internet using a wide range of devices and browsers nowadays. You can’t just ignore their needs if you are serious about doing business online.

We want our websites to be accessible on the most popular browsers and devices. However, testing is a tedious process that often takes a lot of time. 

How do you know if your website looks fine on different browsers and devices? One of the biggest challenges is making sure your website looks good across all the different browsers, devices, screen sizes and resolutions.

You can use tools like Browserstack. It’s a service that allows you to test different versions of browsers using one computer. You can use it for free for the first 30 minutes, and it gives you the ability to test your website on different browsers. It even generates screenshots of what your website will look like.

Revamp your content.

Updating and revamping your content can make all the difference when relaunching your website.

Before you launch your site, check the functionality of your content. This means making sure that all links work, that embedded media works, and that images are the correct size and readability is maintained.

You want your website to be seen as an excellent resource for your industry. For example, you wrote content related to your niche years ago, but it’s not bringing in the same traffic and leads that it used to. The reason is, you need to refresh old content by updating and adding more value.


Why do you need to relaunch your website? Sometimes, you don’t even realize that there’s a problem. Other times, you know a relaunch is needed but don’t know when to begin the process. 

For some people, it’s as simple as realizing that their website is just not performing the way they want anymore. Others notice that the design is out of date, or that it’s impossible for visitors to navigate. 

Whatever the reason, there are several things you need to keep in mind before relaunching your website.

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