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Botanica Coffee

The Belaroma Coffee Roasting Company is one of the leaders in the Australian coffee industry. In business for more than 40 years, they are well-known for their coffee expertise, from sourcing their exotic brands overseas to roasting and blending the coffee beans, packaging their coffee and their specialist barista training.

Belaroma have won numerous awards – in fact they are the most awarded coffee roasters and wholesalers in Australia. So why did they need an additional website?

The Problem

Cornerstone Digital recognised that Belaroma sell a number of great coffee brands, but this meant that no single brand stood out in their portfolio. And whilst Belaroma are passionate about all of their coffee brands, they are very proud of their 100% Organic Fairtrade Coffee – but this unique brand was lost amongst their other impressive coffee brands. Belaroma were concerned that despite a growing demand for organic fair trade coffee, that sales for their 100% Organic Fairtrade Coffee were not increasing accordingly.

The Problem

The Solution

Cornerstone Digital designed a brand new microsite called Botanica Coffee, specifically to show case Belaroma’s 100% Organic Fairtrade Coffee. This specialist website was built around a responsive design so that it was user-friendly to the increasing number of people who access their website from their mobile phones and iPads.

WordPress, an easy to use content management system (CMS) was installed so that the clients could up-date and refresh their own content as needed. The website was given a unique look and feel to complement the new brand and emphasise the organic nature of the product.


Key Results

Belaroma now have a new microsite, Botanica Coffee, specifically designed around their 100% Organic Fairtrade Coffee. The style is professional, but easy on the eye, and promotes the importance of both organic and fair trade products in general.

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