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How Illumina got a dream website to match their dream property development.

Which Property are investment property specialists based in Brisbane.  They manage multiple properties around Brisbane and in the Gold Coast.  They have a central website that displays all investments, and when they needed a showcase site for their new Illumina prestige investment offerring, they came to Cornerstone.

The Problem

The marketing gurus at Which Property identified that a seperate microsite for their new, prestigious Illumina development was necessary to showcase what a special property Illumina is. The focus was on the great lifestyle Illumina can provide it’s residents, making it an attractive option for both residents and investors.

Cornerstone, with our understanding of the importance of segmenting to meet the specific needs of target markets, agreed and we were happy to undertake development when Which Property bought their Illumina site design to us.

The site needed to be responsive and Cornerstone were required to adjust the desktop designs accordingly during the development process.

The Problem

The Solution

Cornerstone developed the Illumina microsite in record time, producing a great looking site that is excellent responsively and really captures the spirit of the Illumina development offering and it’s intended audience.

Galleries are used to highlight key Illumina selling points, and video and social are incorported seemlessly as part of the development.


Key Results

The Illumina development now has a website that functions as a good looking and effective marketing tool that will draw clients into the Illumina dream lifestyle.

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