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Ipsum Advisors

Ipsum Advisors is a full-service accountancy and wealth advisory firm.

Ipsum Advisors helps both businesses and private individuals reach their full financial potential. Their services include tax strategy, business and compliance strategy, and accounting.

The Problem

Located in a town with a close-knit community, Ipsum Advisors rebranded to appeal better to their target audience. Their new brand was warm and welcoming. It made potential clients feel like they could easily approach Ipsum Advisors for financial advice.

As a result, they needed to update their website so it reflected their new brand.

The Problem

The Solution

During each step of the way, Cornerstone Digital kept their new brand and what it signified in mind. We made sure it was apparent in the fonts, colours and user experience.

The resulting website exudes warmth and friendliness. It is bathed in brown tones with a down-to-earth feel and white accents. The homepage contains images of Ipsum Advisors’ team members working with clients in a comfortable environment.

The rebrand did not stop with their website. We also launched an extensive SEO campaign. It targeted Bendigo residents and businesses who needed financial advice.


Key Results

Ipsum Advisors now has an easy-to-manage website that reflects their updated brand.  The SEO work grew their organic traffic to 42% of their traffic with it being the most engaged traffic source having the highest time spent on site, the highest average viewed pages per session and the lowest bounce rate.

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