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Modular Walls

Proudly Australian designed and manufactured boundary walls and fences for the residential, commercial, industrial and government markets.

With an appearance on the ABC’s New Inventors television show in 2003, Nick Holden founded Modular Wall Systems™ in 2004 and has established it as the clear leader in innovation and quality when it comes to cost effective acoustic boundary walls and fences.

The Problem

Modular Wall Systems had simply outgrown their website. What started as a business serving builders and installers (partners) grew into one that now had large commercial clients as well as your do-it-yourself home owner. With such a diverse customer base, the website no longer served its users well.

Information was presented in ways that made it difficult to find unless you knew exactly what you were looking for. This was okay for partners but impossible for DIY or commercial customers. Customers who knew what kind of problem they were trying to solve but didn’t know which product(s) were available to choose from.

Besides that, the site was not responsive and updating the site was cumbersome and limited.

The Problem

The Solution

With so many products and different applications, we got down deep to understand the business and its target markets. Customer user journeys were mapped out and a new information architecture and navigation was developed to allow for the various users have information presented in a way that they would understand.

A modular (no pun intended) layout was designed so that each section of the site could be customised to suit the users’ unique needs. On top of this was of course making each of these designs responsive and integrated with a flexible WordPress set-up that allowed for the client to continuously customise and update.


Key Results

A website that reflects the leading company that Modular is. Clean, modern and responsive with navigation, layout and content that caters to each of Modular’s major customer groups.


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