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Professional development company seeks own custom developed website

Founded in 2007, Neverest provide customised professional development for accountants across Canada. With their expertise in providing in-house and public training, as well as private consulting, Neverest have an impressive client list of public accounting firms, professional institutes and well-known corporations.
To promote their national standing and emphasise their professional leadership skills, Neverest needed a highly polished website that mirrored their impressive credentials to their high level clients.

The Problem

Cornerstone Digital identified a number of problems with this website. One problem was that Neverest’s website was old and drab, completely unexciting and uninspiring with cliché stock imagery. Other issues were poor navigation and badly written content – which did not clarify their services well to clients – and was unresponsive on all mobile devices.

Despite being a successful and professional company, their website was not generating the expected number of leads – clearly the look and feel of their website was having an impact on potential clients.

The Problem

The Solution

A complete redesign and redevelopment of their website was long overdue. So Cornerstone Digital designed a new, fresh and streamlined website with a fun educational feel that promoted Neverest’s position as a leader in the professional development and training sector.

The redevelopment included installing a content management system (CMS) so that content could be updated easily, search engine optimisation (SEO), an overhaul of the site’s navigation, revamped and well written content, and stimulating and inspiring imagery.


Key Results

Neverest now have a unique and fresh website, designed by Cornerstone Digital, which stands out against their competitors. It has a fun and exciting feel and is easy to navigate. Their content is now positioned for maximum exposure, is well spaced and easily readable. Their site is no longer boring and confusing.

With a 40% increase in traffic to their new website, Neverest had to hire more staff to deal with all the new leads they have been generating!

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