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How Powerlite got a website that endorses their professional standing as leaders in power and lighting solutions.

Powerlite are leaders in the design and manufacture of power generators and lighting solutions for the power generation industry. They are an Australian owned company with an extensive distributorship across the Asia Pacific region and provide full-service solutions for their clients. Staffed by highly skilled professionals with exceptional technical expertise in their field, Powerlite wanted these qualities reflected in their website.

The Problem

Unfortunately, Cornerstone Digital recognised that the website was fairly old and did not reflect Powerlite’s professional standing in the international market. As with all older websites, there were three commonly found problems:

  • Small sized fonts – Clients found it difficult to read the text due to the small size of the fonts.
  • Suboptimal use of screen space – This caused poor navigation throughout the site and clients found it difficult to find pertinent information on the web pages.
  • Non-responsive design – With more and more clients using a mobile device to view their website, Powerlite’s clients were frustrated having to zoom and scroll from left to right to read their web pages.

All of these problems meant that Powerlite were suffering from declining enquiries, despite being a leader in their industry.


The Problem

The Solution

Initially, Powerlite engaged Cornerstone Digital to reduce their customer bounce rate by testing different elements on their website – a technique known as conversion optimisation. At first, this approach did result in more leads, but the effect quickly reached a plateau.

Since there is only so much that can be done with an old, out-dated website to increase leads, a new site was needed. So Cornerstone Digital designed a responsive website with strong imagery and seamless navigation – a site that enhanced user-experience and promoted Powerlite’s leadership in the industry.

Cornerstone Digital have given Powerlite an impressive and up-to-date site that is user-friendly, fully accessible by all mobile users, is easily navigable and has led to increased enquiries. A wattage calculator was also included on the website, so clients can determine which products best suit their requirements. Their website now endorses Powerlite’s professional standing within the industry – as a leader in power and lighting solutions.


Key Results

By changing the focus of the site content, Powerlite increased interest in one of their most important product ranges by 26% and had a rise of over 105% for a new product introduced into the same range this year.

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