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Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution

RFBI emerged during a time that lacked government-funded programs.

Established in 1880, they have been providing a wide range of aged care services for 139 years. RFBI currently has 20 retirement villages and 22 residential villages across NSW and the ACT.

They offer options that allow the elderly and their families to continue living a lifestyle they’re comfortable with. Their retirement villages provide attractive and nurturing homes for the elderly. They also provide residential care for older Australians who prefer to remain in their own homes.

The Problem

RFBI offers a wide range of aged care services across different locations in Australia. Presenting the vast amount of information to users in an organised, easy-to-understand manner was difficult.

They needed assistance in finding potential clients in the digital space. In the past, they used to get assigned clients by the government. However, with deregulation, it was now up to the customer to choose. It all of a sudden became important to be found by the customers themselves.

The Problem

The Solution

Cornerstone Digital began by plotting a user journey for RFBI’s updated website. We brainstormed the possible pain points users had and mapped out content to address those pain points.

The user journey did not end with information organisation. We made sure users had a positive experience by making the website fast-loading and mobile responsive.

RFBI has plenty to offer in the field of aged care. We ensured they appeared in search results for relevant keywords, leading a new pool of potential clients to their website.


Key Results

Monthly traffic to the site increased 50% year over year with a majority of the traffic (> 60%) coming from organic SEO traffic. More importantly, there is a steady stream of online enquiries driven by targeted advertising and a SEO campaign combined with a highly optimised website that converts visitors into leads.

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