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Sauce Communications

An award winning communications company looks for an online partner to showcase their accomplishments and highlight their unique personality.

Sauce Communications are a creative team of women who have a love for the country. Regional and rural Australia is a crucial part of the economic and social fabric of our country, and the people here do serious business. Yet, only a handful of agencies specialise in regional and rural engagement. If you’re an organisation that represents, targets or operates in regional Australia and are looking for fresh ideas and delightful results, then they’re the agency to serve you.

The Problem

Sauce’s website was old and tired. It no longer reflected the great wins and capabilities of the agency. Content could not be updated by the company, and was therefore out of date, and the site was built in the days when desktop browsers were the only medium under consideration.

The unique brand and reputation that the agency had built for itself was being let down by the website. A fine balancing act was required to ensure the brand image was reflected along with modern design aesthetics.

Besides the look, a user-friendly content management system was required to empower the team to keep updating the list of awards they keep winning and a responsive website was needed to properly showcase Sauce’s talents across the many devices used by visitors.

The Problem

The Solution

Getting down and dirty as you do in the country, we immediately took to understanding the agency and Sauce’s personality, getting through the content and figuring out the best structure and navigation along with set-up and integration with a CMS that would make it easier for them to update.

A clean and responsive design with powerful imagery and splashes of brand colours along with differing layouts ensured optimal engagement of visitors. Implementation of the WordPress CMS allowed them to easily update their content and keep it structured and looking swish.


Key Results

Sauce wins National Public Relations Agency of the Year for 2016 at the Public Relations Institute of Australia Awards! We’d like to take credit for this with the amazing website re-launch but all credit needs to be given to the amazing Sauce team.

Besides being able to easily post the announcement of the their latest win on their brand new website, Sauce now truly have a platform that allows them to engage with their audience, no matter whether they are on their desktop, tablet or mobile phones.

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