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Screen Sharing Made Easy Screen Sharing Made Easy

Screen Sharing Made Easy

Many times in the past, I’ve found myself typing lengthy emails describing what I see or do on my computer screen. This lead me to look for a better way and I think I’ve found two FREE tools that solves the problem.


Jing is a free application that you can download that allows you to capture a screen on your computer and share it to anybody via a link. It also allows you to record and narrate a video of your screen actions. This is especially useful as I can simply demonstrate and send a narrated video to the person instead of typing a detailed explanation and leaving it up to the reader to interpret my explanations accurately. You can quickly see how this can be super helpful.

Here is an example of a screen shot with mark-up on it to show you where to get Jing –

This is an online real-time screen sharing application. If you’ve ever used Skype for screen sharing, you’ll know that unless you have a very fast connection on both ends, it can be a bad experience. I’ve found to be more reliable and really easy to use. You simply go to the site, click on the big “Start Meeting” button, download a bit of software, invite the people you want to meet with and they’ll be able to see your screen.

The downside is that it does not come with a free voice solution. I get around  this by using Skype or the good old telephone. The upside is that the screen sharing is free and works. Allowing others to see me demonstrate something has saved numerous hours of typing and has made communications much more accurate.

If you ever find yourself typing explanations of actions you’ve taken or describing what you see on the screen, I’d recommend you try out one of the above solutions. They’re free and may save you a lot of time and headaches!

If you’ve used other tools that are similar to this or have saved you heaps of time, please share with us at [email protected].

Michael Lam

Co-founder of Cornerstone and web junkie, Michael knows just how to diagnose your online problems and remedy the issue. An online enthusiast who believes in technology as an enabler of growth, Michael worries about all the details so you don't have to.

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