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Super Charge your Website Conversions Super Charge your Website Conversions

Super Charge your Website Conversions

As a business owner, you know that conversion optimisation is vital to success. There are many strategies to increase conversions, but the problem is knowing which ones to implement.

You can of course, try a little of everything and see what works. However it would be so much easier if you had a few techniques, which if applied, would super charge your website conversions. That’s what we have for you today – 4 proven strategies, that if implemented on your website, will dramatically increase your conversions:

  1. Survey your customers: You might think that your website cuts the mustard, but your customers could have other opinions. One of the most beneficial actions you can take is to find out what your customers like and don’t like about your website – what works and what doesn’t work.

So use a service, for example Survey Monkey, which makes it very easy to send out multiple surveys to your email list. Make sure that you ask both multi-choice and open ended questions, as the latter will give you much more interesting and actionable feedback.

Also, give your customers an incentive to complete the survey, such as an entry into a competition to win one of your products or services (make it worth winning!). Lastly, make the email asking them to complete the survey personal (use their name and sign off with your own name), emphasise the benefits of winning the prize, and let them know it only takes a few minutes to complete the survey (make sure of this, of course).

  1. Usability research: One of the simplest ways to learn how easy or difficult your website is to navigate and if there are any barriers to purchasing your products or services (or other required conversions), is to actually watch people interacting with your website. There are services that do this and you receive videos of people using your site, giving their thoughts about the experience, both good and bad. Two services that come to mind are What Users Do and User Testing.

A great tip here is to not only test the usability of your site, but test your competition’s usability, particularly if they rank higher than you in the search engine results. You can then take on board the feedback from your own and your competitors websites and improve the problem areas on your own website, setting you up quite favourably to outdo your competition. Following up monthly or even every couple of months with repeat usability testing, will keep your website at the peak of the user-friendly scale, which can only be good for business.

  1. Analytics: Most people use Google Analytics, but there are other analytical packages available, such as Clicky or Piwik. The whole point is that these analytical packages give you vital information about how your customers and visitors interact with your site.

The data is very dry and completely different to the information you receive from surveys or usability testing, but nevertheless, it is essential data that you need to help optimise your site.

Another great tool for finding out how visitors interact with your website is Crazy Egg, which uses heat maps to show where people do and don’t click on your web pages. With this sort of ammunition, you can optimise your pages much better for conversions.

  1. A/B testing: Not everyone’s favourite thing to do, but again, A/B testing can give you information that can significantly increase your conversions. Test the placement of call to action buttons, the text and the colour schemes and find out which combination works best for conversions.

This is an invaluable technique for anyone who is serious about increasing conversions. There are lots of services available for A/B testing, but our personal favourite is Visual Website Optimizer.

Without a doubt, investing in conversion optimisation will pay off and result in greater sales and a much healthier bottom line.

If you want help with conversion optimisation strategies for your website, call us on 02 8211 0668, email us at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form.

Megan Kerr

Meg is a Project Manager/Producer at Cornerstone with a special interest in conversion rate optimisation. She has a business analysis background and thinks the web would be a better place if everyone looked at their web statistics daily.

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