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Surveying for Online Gold Surveying for Online Gold

Surveying for Online Gold

Why would you want to survey visitors to your website? Well, there are a whole host of reasons, but the main one is to find out information that will help you improve your website’s performance and increase conversions.

A simple place to start is to ask your visitors why they came to your website and did they find the information they were looking for? By asking this sort of question, you collect information about your website from the visitor’s point of view. This can give you an invaluable insight into what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong on your website.

There are numerous tools to help you survey for online gold and here are 3 of the most popular ones that we’ve come across.



This is a plugin that helps you create exit surveys for visitors to your website. If you want a one-step process to perform surveys on your website, then iPerceptions is an easy choice. You can place an exit survey on your home page or on any other page and run multiple surveys at once.

You can ask visitors to rate their experience on your website, their purpose for visiting, whether they found the information they were looking for or questions focused on brand perception and barriers to purchasing. You can even integrate this data with your analytics package, such as Google Analytics, and identify key areas where you can improve customer experience. With this type of data, you can make positive changes on your website, resulting in increased visitor engagement leading to greater conversions, leads and sales.



With Qualaroo, you can create surveys that can help reduce your bounce rates. If you know which pages have the highest bounce rates on your website, you can create a Qualaroo survey that asks visitors what they were looking for on your website and did they have any problems finding this information.

For example, you can place a survey on your checkout page and if your visitor doesn’t complete the purchase, ask “hey, we noticed you haven’t completed your checkout, may we ask why?”. You will be amazed at how many people will give you this information. Addressing these issues will help get more of these people checking out and buying your products.

You also have an opportunity to redirect them to the product they were looking for or to transfer them to live chat and talk to a product representative. Catching your visitors before they leave your website and before they have purchased can help increase engagement and conversion rates.



Kampyle allows visitors to click on a non-intrusive feedback tag on your website or you can have a popup appear after they have been on your website for a predetermined amount of time. Again, as with Qualaroo, once in place you will find this software highly customisable, with a huge range of features.

A great feature of Kampyle is that it prompts visitors to leave their email with their feedback, so you can not only create reports based on user feedback by page or process and identify their pain points, but you can also reply to visitors regarding their feedback, inform them of the actions taken and thank them for their responses. This often gets them coming back and ultimately buying from you.

You can also use the data generated by Kampyle to design A/B testing campaigns and integrate all the data with your analytics package, making it easier for you to improve the performance of your website.

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Megan Kerr

Meg is a Project Manager/Producer at Cornerstone with a special interest in conversion rate optimisation. She has a business analysis background and thinks the web would be a better place if everyone looked at their web statistics daily.

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